Friday, September 29, 2006

a few small steps closer to Christian suicide bombers

Harry's Place brought this to my attention. As Harry says, "this is some scary shit!" Be afraid peeps, be very afraid. The God Squad are tooling up and preparing for Armageddon and even if you don't want it they're going to bring it about one way or another: Either you're on the side of Jesus; or you're damned.

Fortunately for this Pastor Becky Fisher I'm not a fan of capital punishment. People like her are desperate for Armageddon as they think they have the power of Jesus on their side and anything up to that level of conflict is just pandering to satan. My question is: "As the Islamic fundamentalism of children is universally condemned, how are you any different by doing the same thing?" This fat psycho-bitch's plans are laid all to clear on her own website . She speaks of children evangelicising their friends and of laying hands on sick people to heal them in the name of Jesus and- my favourite- "raising the dead". And people are actually taking her up on the offer of skullfucking their children royally and paying her little cluster of superstitious speakers in tongues and snake charmers for the privilege!

I have been reading up on the whole anti-evolution, anti-progress, neo-con right wing christian fundamentalist death cult and I've decided to engage a typical advocate of such dark age society in lucid discussion of their values and beliefs so for the enxt few days I will be attempting to lock horns with one of these hate-preachers. Follow my progress here to find out how successful I am. :)

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