Sunday, September 03, 2006

kofi Annan jeered and chased from South Beirut

I think this is appalling. Although UNSC resolution 1701 is far from perfect as far as the Lebanese are concerned, and however much the people of South Beirut have suffered at the hands of the Israeli genocide, there is no excuse for booing Kofi. The guy is a legend and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001, for fuck's sake!

This quote tells a terrible story about how the US's ability to wield a veto in the UNSC has damaged the credibility of the only global forum:

"He is biased towards Israel and America," said 22-year-old Abdel-Sater Selim, a psychology student at the state-run Lebanese University. "There is no justice."

Your godsdamn right there is no justice. But you have to play the UN game if you want some. The Lebanese should take a leaf out of the Iranian book if they want to keep the yanks out of their business.

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