Wednesday, March 04, 2009

weird facts


Punkscience was born in Holland. Many years ago. Punkmum just shared with him that, in the first three months of his pregnancy, she deposited her morning wee in a designated receptacle and left it outside the door for a health official to collect. Back then (~30 yrs ago) HCG was extracted from the collected urine and used in fertility treatment. This program was still operating six years ago. I felt kinda warm and gooey when she told me. Then a bit disgusted. Then warm and gooey again.

You can't imagine public sensibilities being superceded by the Greater Good in good ole Blighty, can you?


  1. As Half Man Half Biscuit put it:

    There's people who can't spell 'weird' right driving round with thousands in the bank

  2. My bad. Apologies.

    Corrected it.


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