Sunday, March 29, 2009

UK police declare 200 children to be "terrorist suspects"


WTF? This just isn't funny. Children? Children for fuck's sake!

"What will often manifest itself is what might be regarded as racism and the adoption of bad attitudes towards 'the West'."
Said the senior pig in charge.

Punkscience is completely immune to charges of racism but as far as a "bad attitude towards 'the West'" goes, he's pretty fucking guilty of that. I think Western society is a fucking joke. Subtle imperialism, corruption and corporate globalisation are a threat to everything I hold dear in the Western world and they are products of that same world. But my attitude is very different from rucksack bombs and fundraising for the Taliban. I note that this program is exclusively targeted at Islam. As if other religious fundamentalists aren't any sort of threat to the integrity of our society (think Catholics and stem cell research, abortion and sex education or the Labour Friends of Israel parliamentary group and war crimes, or the various cultural and religious forces fuelling arranged marriages, female genital mutilation, other misogyny etc. etc. etc. etc.). No, it seems other religious and cultural phenomena promoting equally inhuman philosophies are ignored when there are Mooslims to persecute.

I might add that, to many children living amidst such a culture of pernicious persecution, where the people they are meant to respect and trust (teatures, etc.) grass them up to the authorities instead of confronting their beliefs with reason and argument, I am entirely sympathetic with their plight, if not their beliefs. The reason that kids can embrace such philosophies with such conviction is because there is so much damning evidence of UK war crimes and hypocrisy. That's what happens when you throw the moral high ground away and give people ample reason to hate you and want to blow you up. This was perfectly self-evident to me and the millions of people around the world who marched against the wars. Sadly, not to Bush, Blair, Straw, et al. (Or was it?)

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