Friday, November 09, 2007

US uses threats to pressure EU nations to reduce investment in Iran

In an unsurprising piece of geopolitical maneouvering the Bush administration is threatening EU-based firms with loss of US business if they continue to invest in Iran. I often wonder how these maniacs try to justify such strong-arm tactics to themselves but I've simply given up: They just don't seem to consider other nations as having any sort of rights at all. They certainly don't intend to deal with Iran's numerous humanitarian abuses themselves, they have simplied branded the entire regime and its subjects, including Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, Sikhs and probably Moonies too "evil". Their justification for this? Well, its obvious- the Iranians want a nuclear bomb (no evidence), to use against "us". Who "us" is is not at all clear. Certainly it includes the tortuing, murdering, ethnic cleansing apartheid regime of Israel. It probably includes the tortuing, murdering, ethnic cleansing regime of good old Sunni Saudi Arabia too (viewed by the Shia government of Iran as US vassals and heretics). However, at the same time as these morons are entering apoplectic fits of rage at the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran they are doling out nuclear technology to nations such as India, which almost went to war against its similarly nuclear-armed neighbour, Pakistan a few eyars ago. Pakistan itself is a dictatorship, currently under martial law and undergoing internal strife over the prospect of democratic elections. Pakistan is also thought to be sheltering the remnants of Al Qaeda's bigwigs in its lawless and ungovernable Western provinces. The Pakistani regime is firmly propped up by US military support and aid but are they on the receiving end of international sanctions for their nuclear program? No, they are not.


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