Saturday, March 31, 2012

Green Party results in Bradford West


I want to briefly record a comment about the Bradford West by-election result. I am utterly nonplussed about George Galloway's "Bradford Spring" (a description which instantly earns him a nomination for this week's Most Arrogant Prick On The Planet). What I am concerned about is the region's Green voting history:

Source: Wikipedia

What has the Green Party been doing in this constituency to have fallen to its lowest number of votes and share of the vote in its history? When the coalition government is vacillating between crudely transparent demagogy and outright sadism and the official party of opposition is indisputably obsessed with outcompeting them in either field, why didn't the Green Party of the United Kingdom and Wales put any apparent effort into upping their profile and share of the vote in what seemed to have been a wide-open race?


  1. Because their candidate is a prick, and the rank and file didn't support him.

    1. And just to emphasise the point ....

      Dawud Islam
      Hello Everyone. I have just released the following PRESS RELEASE:

      Dawud Islam, the Green Party candidate in the recent Bradford West by-election, has today accepted an offer to join RESPECT and will be standing for the party in Clayton and Fairweather Green in the local elections on May 3rd. Mr Islam said that it was ...not a decision that he had taken lightly but one made because of the unique set of circumstances that Respect’s by-election victory had created. “This is a real opportunity for a re-alignment of progressive left wing politics in this country and I call on all of those who share similar politics to myself to climb onboard and get involved. This is not about what you may or may not think of George Galloway as an individual, that is not the issue here, although many of course love him. What it is about is creating a genuine left leaning political party that can win seats in inner cities across the country and to offer real hope to those currently disenfranchised by the current political ruling elite”.
      He continued “I call on all ‘Real’ Labour supporters to come and join us, I also invite trade unionists, left leaning greens and those many genuine activists in the Lib Dems that follow a progressive agenda and feel let down by the direction Nick Clegg has taken their party. Let’s create a lean well organized coalition of the left that can deliver electoral success both locally and nationally and can speak up for all of Britain’s communities that are currently voiceless”
      Dawud praised his old party at the time of making the switch: “It would be an easy decision to make to leave any other party to join RESPECT except the Greens. They are an excellent party and my local team are an excellent set of individuals. I continue to support their entire agenda and will continue my attempts to see it implemented whilst a member of RESPECT. I hope that Caroline Lucas MP and George Galloway MP can agree some sort of electoral pact between the parties in the future as I certainly view the Green Party as a progressive party of the left.

      Thanks. Dawud Islam

  2. Thanks Weggis. I think the comment about 'left leaning greens' is all we need to know about this guy. Some people are convinced that they're just lefter than left and can't stand to associate with anyone who isn't Of And For The People.


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