Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ye gods, I'm full of shit


Someone called Quin once wrote:

"You know, I'd never truly understood that maxim of Samuel Johnson's that "wherever you meet with a passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out" until now. It's his way of saying that when you a really pleased with a smart-arsed line you've written, it likely means around 6 billion people think it makes you sound like a right tit."

Well, I've just had that experience re-reading a comment of mine on a post at Lenin's Tomb. I mean, what the jabbering twatboar am I trying to communicate in those three, tortured paragraphs? You know, I'd really like to revisit both the topic and the thought process that drove me to pen that comment and before you ask,: No, neither excessive alcohol consumption nor more unusual narcotics were involved. 

Unfortunately I have a presentation to write for Monday morning which could feasibly secure me a decent research position at a nice little institution so I am devoting as much of my cerebral capacity to that as possible. That might explain how manpig sputum such as that comment was delivered into the internets but I honestly can't blame distraction with "higher things" as I had given up work for the day when I shat it out.

Ho hum, on with the presentation. Maybe I will find the time next week. Maybe.


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  3. Much as I endorse free speech n' all there's a certain pleasure to seeing blogger comments removed. It's like the TV announcer saying, "We apologise to viewers who've tuned in to watch Friends but..."

  4. Its only Duff. He's banned for being racist troll scum. I try to be responsible for what gets left up here so that's what happens when people indulge in casual racism or persistently fail to engage in constructive dialogue.


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