Saturday, June 19, 2010

anonymous Israeli government "voices" consider Gaza to be part of Israel


From the Jerusalem Post:

"Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said unequivocally on Sunday that Israel had no intention of apologizing, and one diplomatic source said Thursday there were voices inside the government saying that not only should Israel not apologize, but it should demand a Turkish apology for facilitating the dispatch of a ship with terrorist supporters who beat Israeli soldiers trying to protect its territorial sovereignty."
So, a ship carrying aid to Gaza had to be stopped to protect Israel's territorial sovereignty. No further analysis required.


  1. How fucking stupid can you get!

  2. I dunno, are you challenging me to a competition?

    You're way ahead already.

  3. I sometimes wonder why these people bother.

  4. Is it me or did I just get a visit from the FBI?

  5. No! But we've got our eye on you and we know who you are and where you live! We even know your inside leg measurement and the sex of your unborn child. Have a nice day now!

  6. Ha haaaa! That's funny.

    Seriously, though. Check the stats. FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems, Clarkson, Virginia at 21:58:34 last night.

  7. Yeah, no fucking chance of outwitting them!
    I hope anonymous was either FBI or a Jew, or both, I'd like it to be the latter. :)

  8. Why? Do you think you could outwit Noam Chomsky?

  9. Am I a jew?

    what a fucking question, you ignorant fascistic cunt.

    you don't even have the brain cells to try and not appear as a cunt.

    I'm British for what it matters, and my father fought the Nazis, spending time at Mr Hitler's pleasure in Sagan, Poland. He also saw what was done to Jews (and Russians etc)nearby. I find your hope scary.

    You're still just a cunt though. Probably a religious one too. Eh?


  10. I consider Muhamad to be a friend and so I'm surprised to hear him use such terminology, particularly as I know he has been the subject of racism in this country. Targeting abuse at "jews" is bizarre and pointless as people who identify themselves as Jewish are so diverse and cover such a range of cultural and ideological identities from the "self-hating Jews" to the ultra-conservative Hascidic nutcases. I find it much more rational to condemn "Israelis" as they are very much a defined nation of people with a unique and vile history of terrorism, torture and murder. I can point to various prominent self-identifying jews who are highly critical of Israel and who I admire immensely. That's why I mentioned Noam Chomsky.

    What do you say, Muhamad? Do you wish to retract your comment? If so I will delete it.

  11. so, you fucking knuckle heads think that a ship full of turkish extremists who used grinders to cut metal railings into lengths of pipe to be used as weapons along with knives and guns is a peaceful aid ship to gaza ?

    israel even checks u.n. and red cross aid ships, so why should a bunch of faggotty islamics be treated any different ?

    the turk ship refused to go to ashdod, that gave israel every right to take any action they deem as neccasary, israel could even legally sink the cunts if it wanted too.

    israel chose the peaceful way, but the filthy islamic cunts attacked the israelies as they abseiled down ropes from helicopters, 9 dead turks was the end result, pity it wasn't more.

    israel found a heap of gas masks and a heap of night vision goggles, these are NOT items of humanitarian aid, they are tools of war.

    so fuck the turks, fuck the islamics, and fuck you braindead fucking do-gooders...

    funny how we never hear a word from you fuckwits complaining about how lebs and palistinians teach their 6 year old kids how to be suicide bombers, at least when these little fanatics do the job of their brave (sarcasm) parents, the parents get to save on school fees, coffins must be cheaper.

  12. Ha ha, you're either a liar or an idiot. I don't know which is worse. If you had any evidence of your outrageous claims against the Free Gaza activists I'd be interested but you haven't. Because you're a liar. Or an idiot.

    Go and fuck yourself.

  13. there is plenty of evidence, read it and weep you pathetic muslim loving cocksucker...

    fuck islam and fuck you.

  14. forgot to mention, israel also found bulletproof vests on the turk ship, these are also tools of war.

  15. I see a collection of tools, knives, trinkets and toys that you would find on every merchant ship in the entire world. What vessel doesn't carry respirators, or "gas masks" as you call them? As for "night vision goggles"- I saw a couple of telescopic sights and a pair of binoculars. Funny how the bulletproof vest wasn't paraded on the video along with all the other kit, hey? Couldn't possibly be that hasbaraniks like you would seize any opportunity to embelish your already thrillingly violent and despotic mental image of the events onboard the Mavi Mara without any evidence to support it?

    Such an argument is just a straw man, anyway. The IDF had no justification for boarding the vessels of the flotilla in international waters. Plain and simple. Imagine if Somalian pirates had boarded an Australian vessel, killed several unarmed crew members and kidnapped the rest. A UN flotilla would be despatched within days to subdue the "terrorists" and liberate the hostages from their pirate captors. Funny how double standards play out in your warped little brain, innit.

    Of course, all this could have been documented and the truth ascertained relatively objectively if Israel considered itself to be anything less than some god's chosen nation. That country's contempt for the international community and its law is unshakeable, however.

    I would say that you are welcome to return to this comment if you want to enter into an evidence-based debate of the conflict, but reading your bio suggests you wouldn't know the meaning of those words so please don't bother coming back.

  16. dont bother coming back ?

    why, because i have already proven your views to be bullshit ?

    too embarrassing for you is it ?

    well embarrassment is what idiots like you get when you open your fucking traps with no real proof to back up your convictions, under international law israel has got every right to act as they did

    and how fucking blind are you ? if you watched the videos you would have seen the filthy islamic turkish arseholes attacking the israelis...

    as for your stupid australian ship/somali pirate scenario, it's two completely different things, the pirates are theives and agressors, whereas israel is exercising its right to ensure the safety of itself, if you dont like that, then get yourself onto a turkish aid ship, and try the same stunt as the first lot, maybe the israelis will kick some fucking sense into you.

  17. Outwit Chomsky? I'd like to try. :-)

  18. punkscience, what terminology? All I said was "them", "FBI", and "Jew". Last time I looked in the dictionary, they were "safe" words. :-)
    Why would one want to retract something said in jest? You trying to live up to Fuckmohammed's expectations? :-)

    Fucking hell anonymous! You've got no fucking sense of humour.
    Yeah, I'm a fucking atheist, and that means I don't give a fuck about Jewish crap or Muslim crap, or any other crap.

    And don't fucking to talk to me about "my daddy did this and my daddy did that" shit. My daddy came from Pakistan, like the Irish, Jews, Blacks, etc, to rebuild this fucking country after WW2.

  19. fuckmuhamed lodhishit, somehow i dont think the poms needed any of you fuckwits to help rebuild england, thats the problem with you immigrant parasites, you all think your more important than you actually are.

  20. Its very funny how you keep posting here, reinforcing our perceptions of your racism, bigotry and ignorance. Its like you really, really want us to hate you and will do and say anything to raise a response. Which isn't really very irritating, its just a bit sad. I was contemplating a point-by-point rebuttal of your vitriolic posts but I don't think you're worth the time it would take.

  21. Okay, Muhamad, I'll ask you directly because I'm keen to sort this out: why would you hope that Anonymous 21 June, 2010 21:56 was a jew? I just don't get the reference. Why not hispanic or Sunni or Canadian?

  22. What I said was "I hope anonymous was either FBI or a Jew, or both, I'd like it to be the latter. :)"
    So, I was hoping that anon was
    1. FBI
    2. Jew
    3. Both
    1. FBI, so that the fascist bureau of investigation knows that we're there.
    2. Jew, so that they know we aren't fooled by Israel's shit.
    3. Both, well, that would be even better! Wouldn't it? :)


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