Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doctor Punkscience, at your service.


My viva voce lasted 3 hours and I've got only minor corrections to make. Ergo, I rule. On with the world saving.


  1. Congratulation from all of me Dr. Punkscience. As one who wanted to do it but soon realized I didn't have the patience or ability I am in awe.

    What next? (Apart from saving the world.)

  2. Thanks mate! Yes, it takes a special degree of bloodymindedness to get through four years of the same crappy, underfunded, underambitious wankery that comprises most PhDs these days.

    Next is a move to NZ and an attempt to establish myself as a world-saver down there. Easier said than done, I fear.

  3. "crappy, underfunded, underambitious wankery"

    And who dares say there is no poetry in science?


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