Tuesday, July 07, 2009

is this the best music video evah?


Karen O, dead dogs and kids with axes are all awesome.


  1. nah, this is:


    or on a more serious note:


  2. In addition, if you like lists (and music fans are often obsessed by them), here's one with 100 'top' videos. Some good stuff in there but I guess we'd all make a few changes. Unfortunately the vids have all been removed by some joyless cunt-faced, profit-obsessed, monkeycocksucking fuckwits! In my opinion.


  3. Thanks for the links. I must give NMH another listen; I think they'll grow on me. I have to say I laughed at HMHB, despite my earlier snubbing snobbery.

    Whooooooooooo the fucking hell are Slipknot?

    Not one for lists. Everyone has their own list and whenever I'm asked to give my top x of anything I always find myself days later having an epiphany and saying to myself "how could I have possibly forgotten 'so and so'?? And I just get depresssed that my memory is a bit shit.

    Oh- nice swearing, BTW. Respeck.


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