Tuesday, June 16, 2009

punkscience goes to the beach . . . . in France!


Packing shit and finishing touches to the van prior to boarding Brittany Ferryies' flagship Pont Avon (which nearly sank on its maiden voyage) at ten tonight. Fuck me dead I need a holiday.

Back in a week. Au revoir to both my regular readers and a big, hairy "fuck you" to the UK government, the BNP, the Tories, UKIP, Obama, Brendan O'Neill, all postmodernist cunts and the rest of the cockweasel fraternity.



  1. Holidaying in France? Are you insane!? Haven't you seen Taken?

    Seriously though, hope you have a groovy time.

  2. I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

    Surf was good for the first three days. Beer & wine was better!

  3. good to have you back my sweary friend.

    looking forward to the next well-aimed and truly deserved bolt of righteous profanity...


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