Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mark Thomas endorses the Green Party


Mark rules.


  1. aww bless him

    he's like Bill Hicks without the anger or jokes

    I can see Punkscientist as Bill Hicks in another life, given the language and venom. Quality.

  2. {chuffed}

    "If anyone here is in advertising or marketing . . . kill yourself."

    Oh shit, that is so fucking true! I've got to post that up. Rage and swearing rules.

    Mark's stand-up is well funny. He's no Bill Hicks but he's a serious human rights campaigner. Check out his work antagonising the pigs:

  3. As a fellow Devonian, I can tell you that my experience of the Greens in my area hasn't been good at all. I think I encountered racist Greens.

  4. Holy fuck! Seriously?

    Tell me who they were and I'll go and knock them out. We can film it and put THAT on YouTube too.

  5. It happened about a year or so ago and at the time I did feel like knocking them out (well more so the husband of the woman who was supposed to be the rep. in my area).
    Anyways, I'd rather vote for the SWP than the GP.
    Me and my Mrs do tactical voting to kick a certain Tory's arse.


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