Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NI Environment Minister is a climate change denialist!


Punkscience calls for Sammy Wilson MP to be sacked on account of his ignorance. The little fuckstick can't even understand why his views are a problem.
"Why should I resign? I fulfil all my ministerial obligations in all areas of my department, and the idea that I should resign just because I hold a different view from other people on what is a very controversial topic is nonsense. And it just shows the intolerance of these people if they think I should resign because I have a different opinion."
In other news, Thabo Mbeki's health policies based on his belief that AIDS was not caused by the HIV virus, is thought to have been the direct cause of 300,000 deaths due to his rejection of offers of funding and free antiretroviral drugs.

So just what is the difference between Mbeki's incompetence and Wilson's? Both result in mass deaths of innocents.


  1. Mike Hanlon, the Daily Mail's Science Editor, was an avowed climate denier up until 2006. He has quietly U-turned without explanation.

    Joss Garman lists some chioce quotes and observes

    Hanlon's assertion that "the threat from climate change is still largely unproven" was as irrational then as it is now. It can only really be compared to a sports editor refusing to accept the Premier League table, instead publishing newspaper reports to claim that Sunderland won the cup last year and that Chelsea were relegated.

    By the same token, an Environment minister who goes against the overwhelming scientific opinion and cannot explain why should not be in the job.

  2. Nice.

    Its very alarming how many covert denialists there are out there. I cannot believe that people such as Hanlon or Wilson are in possession of some damningly convincing evidence that unarguably disproves anthropogenic climate change. I therefore conclude that they are ignorant contrarians. I cannot see how such people can be held to account, other than by people like us slagging their ignorance in full public view but there's a danger that public ignorance might be offended by what they perceive to be holier-than-thouisms and more inclined to side with the contrarians out of sheer spite.

    This is a direct result of public disengagement, not only with politics but with reality. Some people just seem to revel in their ignorance.

  3. As an update, I must question whether Alexander COckburn, of CounterPunch, is a climate change denialist? I have been listening to his CD - "Beating the Devil - The Incendiary Rants of Alexander Cockburn", and on track 12 is the passage:

    "I’m sure half the people who vote through star wars know perfectly well its an absolutely demented scheme. Although Republicans . . . You know the left has global warming, the republicans have shield defence. both, like, things which are very dear to them. They’re both . . . . Global warming is supposedly going to finish everything of and shield defence is going to save everything. They’re both like larger visions of everything. I happen to think both are absolute nonsense but then that’s a different way."

    This guy is a leading anti-establishment voice that, until now, I had the utmost respect for. I'm appalled.


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