Saturday, January 03, 2009

SHOCK DECLARATION! - TV exec condemns online file sharing of his programs


The Indy has been slipping into Daily-Mail-like demagogy for some time. Giving a pedestal to a TV executive from which he can broadcast his condemnation of file sharing is a classic business-and-upstanding-citizen-friendly example and ignores the fact that the recording and distribution of such programs was going on long before teh interweb became the medium of choice for sharing video (anyone remember video cassettes?).

Anyhow, file sharing over teh interweb is becoming less and less popular as video streaming sites start to take over, supplying a world of content on demand (if slightly jerkily and after ten minutes' buffering). Funny how you don't see cnuts like Garrett screaming about that in the press. The most damning thing is that TV networks are now offering their own streaming sites to compete with the Chinese. So the market is already being forced to work with this new paradigm without any obvious collapses of big TV networks or any obvious fall in program quality. So claims to the contrary are all a pack of fucking lies.

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