Monday, December 15, 2008

Muntadar al-Zaidi is punkscience's "Hero of The Year"


This is so awesome! Such a shame he missed both times. His words are poignant.


Muntadr has been arrested, is being tested for drugs and alcohol and will be interrogated to determine whether someone put him up to this heinous crime against genocidaires. Fuck! Imagine if everyone went round throwing objects at people who were responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths! No really! Imagine it! (dribble)


Muntadr's brother claims that he has sustained a broken arm and ribs in custody. If you watch the video of the attack you can't hear him screaming when he is restrained, as he would if the injuries were sustained at that point. This suggests they were sustained after his arrest. Clearly Iraqi justice is as perverse and brutal as it ever was under Hussein. Nice work, Blair et al.

Addition 16-12-08:

In light of the suffering Muntadar has been subjected to for his heroism, punkscience would like to upgrade his status from "Hero of The Day" to "Hero of The Year".

Addition 16-12-08, 12:08:

As I insinuated above, it is now clear that Muntadar has suffered brutality at the hands of the Iraqi security services.

Addition 19-12-08

A judge has confirmed that Muntadar was beaten either during his arrest or during his detention. There are no reports that Muntadar is looking to press charges- or even whether he can.

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