Thursday, July 24, 2008

the CBI is sociopathic


They rather predictably want the government to ignore the unions' demands for flexible working hours for parents and are forecasting doom, gloom and general plagues of frogs if the government gives in. Wankers.

This is a typically one-sided argument from the corporate whores, completely ignoring the benefits to society of parents being able to spend more quality time with their children. Of course the CBI will claim that they don't deal in 'intangibles' such as 'theoretical' benefits. However, evidence exists to demonstrate the benefits of such policy. For example, the Scandinavian countries who already implement such policies have far higher education standards and lower juvenile crime rates. Social studies of parent-child contact also reveal the potential for this policy to provide much benefit to our society.

This seems obvious to me but the corporate whores of the CBI don't seem to realise this or they don't want it made known because its another nail in the coffin of their demands for global corporate slavery. So they are either stupid and have no place commenting on policy or they are deceitful and sociopathic. I wonder which . . . ?


  1. Spot on. Like local chambers of commerce, they suck big feckin donkey balls.

    It's terrifying that they have such sway over government policy. Major policy announcements always get their world premieres at CBI shindigs. The planning system changes were to CBI spec.

    Imagine Peter Sutcliffe giving the government advice on women's safety.

  2. Yup, "Corporate Social Responsibility" is oxymoronic. When you're faced with a £25 billion tax avoidance hole and companies threaten to relocate offshore if the government steps in to remedy matters you know something needs to be done. I wonder what actually would happen if the government had the balls to enforce such legislation? Would the additional income be balanced by the moves offshore? A good subject for some fag-packet calculations methinks .. . .


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