Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Green Vehicles

They make this little gem (credit to EcoGeek). Its very similar to something that I want to build myself, originally inspired by the Aptera. The reverse trike layout, the side-by side seats for two. The main difference between the TRIAC and the Aptera is that the latter has an internal combustion engine powering a generator as well as conventional battery storage so that although it can be used as a true BEV it can also be used as a hybrid, achieving 250mpg. That's pretty damn sweet!

The reason this phenomenal mileage is achievable is simply that the Aptera is so thoroughly streamlined that it doesn't have to waste >80% of the energy in its fuel pushing air out of its way. I can't begin to compete with that but I did want to put together a BEV at home that would allow me to scoot around town cheaply and with minimal emissions. So I've been researching suppliers thet hree main components needed for a BEV: The batteries, a speed controller and the motor. The chassis can be a straightforward welded steel job (I looked into a bamboo frame too, BTW) and the running gear can come off bikes. The best bits I've come across have been these guy's speed controllers and motors from China. As for batteries, I had the idea of using recycled lead-acid batteries from a scrap yard- often these are perfectly serviceable (unlike the vehicles they were in).

Whether this turns into any more than a pipe-dream remains to be seen but its fun to research and in a few years I have a nasty feeling that incentives to move to electric powered transport will be particularly prevalent.


Another reverse trike. Not very green but highly badassss!

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