Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brendan O'Neill is a sociopathic little gobshite of a propagandist and should be locked up

I can't believe that CiF give him a platform from which to preach this gods-awful shite. What is the bloke's problem? Did he once get hassled by an aggressive Greenpeace protester? Why is he so opposed to taking action to combat climate change? I don't believe for one second that he is ignorant of the case presented by the IPCC but he seems determined to misrepresent it:

"[Plane Stupid] are cynically politicising scientific theories, turning them into instruments of emotional blackmail to be wielded against the supposedly selfish flying masses.

Their 10-years claim has its origins in the IPCC's speculative claim that if global temperatures rise by more than 2C above pre-industrial levels, then there may be agricultural losses, adverse health effects in poorer parts of the world and a greatly increased risk of water shortages - and the IPCC thinks atmospheric carbon dioxide levels that would trigger this rise "could possibly be reached in about 10 years or so"."

This cockweasel-king fails to address any of the actual issues associated with airport expansion, cheap flights, climate change or anything, really! Why has his rant been published? What credibility does he have to waste my time by penning such dross? Is it some sinister plot to make ruin my eyesight by making me stare balnkly at a computer screen?


I am engaged in a war of words with TheOldOligarch in the comments who accuses me of "hysterical , unreasonable overemotional theatrics". Well, my only defense is that he started it by suggesting that, by calling people "climate change deniers", I presented climate change as if it were:

"a dogma that must be accepted without dissent or questioning".

He went on to add:

"Climate change is not on a par with the theory of gravity, is it? I thought it was a loose scientific consensus with widely varying parameters, projections and forecasts depending on which study you read. Which I guess means it should be open to healthy debate, it is not a religious commandment."

Now, I have not denied this anywhere. I happen to think that climate change science is exactly on a par with the theory of gravity a both are backed by an incontrovertible weight of evidence. However this moron didn't give me a chance to elaborate on my terminology and just waded in with fists swinging. I consider such characters to be bigots and waded back an attempt at a reasoned argument. This apparently had no effect upon the moron as he continued to assail my terminology. This just pissed me off so I struck back with some hard facts and not a little scorn for, what I felt was, his clearly deliberate obfustication.

The struggle continues . . .

Jubilant Additional:

I think I won that debate.

Wow! I feel a tingle up and down my spine . . . as if I've achieved something corporeal, visceral . . . some sort of meaningful change. This feels GREAT!

Ronniejotten caught Brendan with his lying pants on too.

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