Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Misanthropic Principle

I was thinking about the anthopic principle and this line of thought happened to cross with the definition of misanthropy I encountered the other day. Anyhoo, I googled this bastard product of idle contemplation out of curiosity and found nothing conclusive except a bizarrely amusing essay in the style of Douglas Adams, a page of letters on the abuse of the anthropic principle in New Scientist and some song lyrics by a punk rock outfit. I am a little disappointed, although also slightly wowed. It has the ring to it of those epic essays on the human condition such as Kant's "What is Enlightenment?" or Hardin's "Tragedy of The Commons". I am certainly arrogant enough to imagine that I have the depth of vision to pen an equally insightful piece and I think the title has been presented to me by my subconscious. I just wish I had timed it better because I am in the middle of a large-scale sampling experiment for my PhD and this is going to niggle at the back of my mind until I can find the time to do something about it. I also don't want to mess this opportunity up by throwing a half-hearted attempt up here and then being too lazy ever to return to improve upon it.

Oh, the burden of intellect!

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