Thursday, July 26, 2007

the ecotopian idyll

Nice. It justs goes to show that you can live the dream. I'm not sure how comfortable the place would be in the middle of a storm though. It also sounds like a lot of work growing and maintaining. I'm a very lethargic character and whilst being surrounded by a flourishing and diverse flora and fauna appeals greatly I would rather occupy a lower maintenance environment. Just my personal opinion, you understand, but my talents lie apart from weeding and pruning. Maybe that's the whole point. If such a lifestyle became mainstream you would have the option of career choices - you could tend to your community's permaculture or you could contibrute with direct financial contributions whilst being part of the community but being excused from most of the communal duties. Kind of like 'buying' your way out of having to weed the fields. You would still be entitled to the produce and materials from your community.

This all sounds delightfully quaint until I realised that I am a lazy bugger and will do absolutely anything, including lying brazenly to my wife's face, to avoid having to do the washing up.

Incidentally, in direct contrast to public opinion and common sense (big fucking surprise), the government appears to be hell-bent on making it impossible to even attempt to live in such an idyllic setting. £2000 per acre of land! I could happily make do with half an acre, given the opportunity to construct and reside within my own bender. As I observed above, it would be a trial to make it through your 1st winter but I'm certain that I could make it comfy enough to survive. Compare the cost of that to the £85000 price tag of a grotty 1 bedroom flat that is the alternative!

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