Thursday, June 11, 2009

IDF solider who shot dead 4 Israeli Arabs in a shooting spree "is not a terrorist"


"The authorities want Zada to be seen as a lone madman but the research we've conducted suggests he was part of a larger Jewish terror organisation that operates freely even though it's outside the law. It appears the attack was organised and planned."

Eden Natan Zada's shooting spree on a bus full of Israeli Arabs, in which 22 Arabs were also wounded, was apparently conducted with the support of a banned extremist group called Kach. Kach espouses the expulsion of all Arabs from Israel and the occupied territories. Despite this the group apparently operates within Israel with impunity. Zada was beaten to death by a mob of Arabs who surrounded the bus after a female passenger managed to snatch his IDF-issue M16 from him whilst he was reloading. His victims have been denied state compensation because a military tribunal decided that a serving soldier could not be classified as a "terrorist". Twelve Arabs are being prosecuted for the lynching, seven are charged with attempted murder.

Israel is a racist state that conducts torture, murder and ethnic cleansing.

Also see this article:
"This proposal coming from a party in Israel's governing coalition should set off alarm bells that fascism is emerging."

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