Wednesday, April 29, 2009

punkscience's hero of the year is: Craig Murray


After a concerted campaign by the UK government to block him from testifying to the Joint Committee on Human Rights, currently investigating accusations of UK complicity in torture, Craig's testimony was accepted and is available to view on YouToob via the stirling efforts of this fellow. Well done him and particularly well done to Craig for being incredibly eloquent in his testimony.

Craig>> "The sad truth is, isn't it, that it seems that government organisations- civil services, government lawyers- will go along with the most terrible and inhumane things that their political masters tell them to. And the number of people- the percentage of poeople- that will stand up and say that "this is immoral, this is wrong, this is illegal, you shouldn’t do it" is very, very small."

Chairman>> “Because the strongest thing for your case would be corroboration, wouldn’t it, from another independent source, but we don’t have that. So I’m just, really, trying to get to the bottom of why, if these allegations are true, that no-one else has come forward having already had someone who has come out and made them.

Craig>> “I don’t think the government has ever denied anything that I have just said to you. I would be very, very surprised if they ever turned around to you and said that anything that I said to you is factually wrong. I have here a document- I published a book on this of my time in Uzbekistan. I’m not going to mention the name to you in case I’m accused of advertising. I had to go through the clearance process that civil servants go through when they publish a book and I have here the table of comments and the things the foreign office asked me to change and the fascinating things is that, for example, the account I give in the book of that meeting with Michael Wood and Linda Duffield- they didn’t ask for any changes. They only asked for one very small change. The Foreign Office has not denied the facts of what I’m telling you.”

Punkscience implores any Civil Servants out there who can corroborate aspects of Craig's testimony to publicly offer to testify to the JCoHR.

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