Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Professor James Lovelock is a senile and sociopathic twat


I used to love this guy. His creation of the Gaia hypothesis was at once beautiful, elegant robust and poignant. Then he wrote this manifesto for Renewable Energy Nihilism.

Never one to let such ignorance roam across the land unopposed, George took the sturdy hammer of his intellect to the issue and destroys Lovelock's arguments utterly. He also takes the opportunity to knock a few more chunks of greenwank off the governments bizarrely optimistic targets for renewable energy.

"The government, as far as I can tell, has not yet formally renounced the target it set in 2000: that 10% of our electricity supply should come from renewables by 2010. So far it has managed 4.9%, and it has 9 months in which to make up the difference. Its objective for 2020 is beginning to look almost as unrealistic."

"As wind was the primary means by which the government was hoping to replace fossil fuels, the great pull-out appears to destroy any remaining likelihood that this country can meet its obligations under either the European directive or the UK’s climate change act."
So, once again, the UK government is making no serious effort to mitigate climate change, despite its loud protestations to the contrary. The UK government is shit.

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