Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ruth Kelly is an ignorant, deluded, sociopathic fuckwit

So I deem anyone who defends biofuels. Really, you have to be quite staggering naive to think that an "independent" government agency (because such a thing exists, yeah?) can audit the influx of biofuels to monitor the "the impact of their biofuels in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability". The 'sustainability' issue can be shot to pieces by anyone reading Jonathon Porritt's blog. The 'greenhouse gas emissions' by reading George's. Don't even mention her hypocrisy at advocating one imported source of environmentally apocalyptic fuel over another!

But then Ruth has never been a fan of rationality or truth, has she? Let alone science!

This woman has more power than any of you realise. Her malignantly irrational influence and mediaeval morality need to be removed from any position of authority, now!

Peter Ainsworth is no better. He's a dirty Tory pig who wants to push poverty stricken children further into destitution and ignorance, as Johann makes clear:

"The Tories, by contrast, want to move in the opposite direction. They have kicked [Ed] Balls for trying to make these schools take more poor kids, with David Cameron calling it “crazy”. Instead they want to imitate the Swedish model, where parents can set up their own schools and receive funding from the state. But this has actually increased social segregation in Swedish schools, and even their centre-right government is backing down. On top of this, the Tories are committed to ending the educational support that already exists for the poorest kids, by shutting down SureStart centres, and cancelling the Educational Maintenance Allowances which give £30 a week to skint students to stay on at sixth-form college."

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