Friday, April 18, 2008

climate change - the good news and the bad

The good.

The bad.

For those of us who follow developments in climate science this is hardly news, though. George covered the gist of it months ago. You'd expect MPs to be abreast of developments in this field. I recently attended a climate Q&A session with Linda Gilroy, MP. She seemed to think that carbon capture was already a working technology (as opposed to a potential tool in the box that has yet to be applied commercially) and that nuclear power was utterly essential to the future generation capcaity of the UK (just as Trident was essential to our national security). Goes to show what the people who run this pseudo-democratic piece of shit country know.

At least she brought this to my attention. Plymouth Marine Laboratories are a partner in the project, which contains noble objectives such as "To assist in the national aim of reducing UK CO2 emissions by 60%, by decoupling economic growth from energy use and pollution". It also contains some fucking stupid ones, such as "To assist in bridging the gap between the present day fossil fuel economy and the future hydrogen economy". Anyone who knows the slightest bit about "the hydrogen economy" knows its a fucking pipe dream for at least a century. Someone ought to point this out to George Bush.

Incidentally, did anyone else know that the word 'news' originates from an acronym of "North, East, West, South"?

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