Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eastleigh byelection


Chris Huhne is gone. Good riddance to Tory Scum. Now to look to the future: There isn't a Green Party candidate standing in the constituency, which is a jaw-droppingly naive move. How can the Party claim they represent anyone if they don't run a candidate? Even though the UK's dismally pseduodemocratic electoral system makes it certain they will lose their deposit they need all the publicity they can get. Not even having a name on the ballot paper is just dumb. 

Anyway, here's some numbers:

Based on the 2010 figures the electorate is 77,417 strong (votes cast / turnout). The LibTards polled 24,966 or 46.5% of votes cast. A classic example of UK 'democracy' there: not even a majority on paper, regardless of the wishes of those in the constituency too disillusioned, not registered or otherwise ineligible to vote, eg. due to being imprisoned for some petty misdemeanour. This is why punkscience advocates compulsory voting and proportional representation.

Anyway, apart from the disenfranchised, the 2010 election left 52,451 people- nearly 68% of eligible voters- without political representation in Westminster. Oh, they had an MP. Yes, one they hadn't voted for. Very 'democratic'.

I don't know if you can tell but I am utterly disillusioned with UK politics. That 68%, that enormous, farting, blarting pachyderm depositing vast piles of dung in the corner of the small, packed room that is UK politics, is such an obvious offence to my sensibilities that I find it hard to muster anything beyond harsh scorn for any political commentary that fails to acknowledge it first and foremost. As this includes pretty much the entirety of political commentary I am left cackling and sneering from my shack here on the edge of Auckland without much of substance to engage people on. But then I'm happy like this. I'm clearly right. You can't argue with the numbers. Can you?

The worst thing is that I now find people I respect and whose opinions I value posting earnest tweets discussing what would be the best outcome in the byelection without considering that the entire affair is blatantly illegitimate and a sham. They consider whether UKIP's explosion of voter share is a good or bad thing. Whether, ultimately, a LibTard hold might be the Best Outcome they can hope for. Its just bizarre! Have they no ambition? Have they no sense of their own role in the perverted satire of this pantomime of public participation? Their own subjection to the agenda of the covert and malevolent authoritarianism that has ruled the UK for decades? 

Apparently not. 

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