Sunday, October 30, 2011

why do some people still not get that the UK Labour party is raw evil?


I caused offense on Twitter the other day (shock, horror) by engaging in the hideous crime of being astonished at the fact that Labour supporters had reacted with hostility to the OccupyLSX protest.  I don't know who this wart Dan Hodges is and I don't care. Anyone who works under the flag of the UK Labour Party is- by definition- an idiot, a dangerously deceptive and malicious demagogue or an outright psychopath. Regardless of the shortcomings and ideological woolliness of the Occupy movement, protest against the establishment is all that is left to society in the UK because the establishment is so thoroughly and irreconcilably dysfunctional. If you work with the forces operating within and sustaining that system then you are part of the problem. 

Lets throw some evidence in here to support these hysterical claims. Particularly, lets look at Labour's recent history in government: 
  • Iraq, Afghanistan and the broader War on Terruh. Extraordinary rendition, torture, repression. 
  • Becoming firmly entrenched in the rectum of the City of London Corp; being "intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich". Private Finance Inititiatives. Ultimately, significant responsibility for the fuckyounomic collapse.
  • Overseeing a decline in equality.
  • Cash for honours/questions.
  • Pushing nuclear power over renewable research & development. Granting licenses for open-cast coal mines. The 3rd runway at Heathrow and a host of other appallingly short-sighted and unsustainable decisions on energy and the environment.
  • Renewing Trident. 
  • Failing to tackle tax evasion & avoidance. Cosying up to significant evaders/avoiders, i.e. being whores. 
  • Instituting university tuition fees.
  • Broad failure to ensure public services were run as such for the benefit of the nation. Particularly rail but also the post office, BBC, NHS, etc. 
I think there's a good case to be made that none of this was necessary. More to the point, I seriously doubt whether much of it had any public support. Some of the actions of the Labour government were or will be profoundly damaging to the people of the UK and to the country's stability and future prospects. I'm sure I've missed out other pertinent examples too. One that issue that deserves special mention is the Labour government's abject failure to reform the institutions of government and democracy in the UK. I am convinced that those institutions are profoundly dysfunctional, archaic or just plainly and outrageously unjust: the unelected second house, the unrepresentative nature of the First-Past-The-Post system, the unwritten constitutions, the libel laws. 

The idea that the Labour party can somehow be salvaged from the moral crevice it has somehow crawled down into is laughable. We are talking about one of the two largest political parties in the UK. The suggestion that its members can effect change upon the ruling elite of that organisation, can winkle out the bad sorts who helped get such diversely awful policy onto the statute books, particularly those who mindless pushed this stuff upon a naive and delirious public, is just arse. There are not "many good ppl in lab". There's just a shower of bastards too stupid, too malevolently sociopathic to realise that they are part of the problem.

I want to declare something here to anyone unfamiliar with this blogger's recent political history: I voted Labour in 2010. It was horrible. I felt violated. I had spent three and a half years railing against Labour's sociopathy and then had to vote for them at the general election because a Tory was threatening to get in. Ultimately he did and so I felt vindicated at voting for the lesser of two evils but the point that must be drawn from this is that Labour and the Tories are two sides of the same tyranny. Neither will reform the blatantly dysfunctional system that means that I have no effective vote. I can only choose between different flavours of sociopathic tyranny. That's not democracy and its Labour's fault as much as it is the Tories.

Addition 01-11-11:  I should really have added Labour's horrendous imprisonment and abuse of children to the list above, but *sigh* so little time and so many different injustices. 

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  1. bloody well said sir!!! i myself cannot allow myself to vote because i dont want to encourage these bastards by making them think i believe in their system. its all rotten, all the parties, rotten to the core. ite doesnt matter who you vote for, the government always get in.


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