Friday, December 31, 2010

yes to AV


If you only read one article on electoral reform, make it this one. Its bloody good plus it has the bonus feature of highlighting Nick Cohen's profoundly cloacan nature.

This is a first attempt at blogging from my smartphone so will be interesting to see if it looks like shit.


Posting from the smartphone proved to be a debacle, as visitors to this post earlier may have discovered. My apologies. Blogger just doesn't seem to work in Opera mobile. I got the title and half a sentence in but when I tred to add an html link it then refused to accept anything more. Subsequent edits also failed and so the result was gibberish. Still, not much different from business-as-usual here, hey.

Dappy New Year to all the nice people!


  1. You need to fix the link to the article so that it doesn't begin with

    That sounded so critical D: x

  2. Fixed. Thanks!

    Furking Windows Mobile!


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