Monday, December 13, 2010

what's wrong with business?


Quick post to share this with the world. It is awesome. 


  1. What a fine post! I'd feel pretty validated in life if I was to do or create something an objective bystander wouldn't find dull and trite. Oh, and without millions of dollars advertising either, Stevie Jobs.

  2. Its pretty damn awesome, hey. I love "Ponziconomics". I have to say that, although I approve of the guy's abuse of corporate sociopathy, he hasn't begun to scratch the surface of the depths to which it is embedded within the corporate agenda.

    I don't want to crawl too far up your batty but IMO you regularly create material that is neither dull nor trite. And I'm pretty sure you don't have an Apple-scale marketing budget.

    I too am struggling with the issue of establishing a rewarding and profitable career. It seems like marine biology research in NZ is pretty tough to break into and I can't see myself achieving employment in the field for a year or so at the soonest. As I have a five month old daughter to buy xmas presents for I have resorted to applying for lab analyst positions, which offer reasonable remuneration with a minimum of stimulation. Unfortunately I am deemed "overqualified" for these and so I appear to caught between two twos. *sigh*

    Keep keeping it real, bro. Love from NZ.

  3. Thank you! (Though I wasn't goin' fishin' juicy compliments, I swear.) Still, me, I don't think I or anyone else will see or do anything as cool than this.

    Hrm - that's a bugger. (Though congrats on the move to New Zealand. It's me fatha's dream nation of choice; though that may just be so he'd have a rugby team worth supporting.) The very best o' luck for finding more profitable employment. If it's any consolation, at least you're not here to see more cuts than a samurai with a taste for emo music.

  4. Hahaaa! Like I said, I don't want to crawl too far up but I'm triply endebted to your awesomeness for reminding me about tonematrix- its still bloody great! I just spent half an hour making a little ditty but then couldn't get it to copy the code here so you'll just have to imagine a happy little tune with a galloping low beat and a tinkling mid and upper.

    Re: NZ, you don't think that I'll be supporting the bloody All Blacks next year, do you?!! Shame on you, BenSix! Shame and penitence on your head for suggesting it! You must be Scottish. I understand. Its the only way you'll ever see success at rugby. ;~P

    How's your own career progression going? I'm glad too that I'm not in the UK to witness the coalition's sociopathic orgy first hand or else I might have found myself kettled on Westminster bridge. Have you seen much of the protests yourself?

  5. It's a delight! (Apart from when one's doodlings some uncomfortably like that awful Fireflies song that even corpses couldn't escape last year.)

    Oh, hell no. Just the Samoans and Fijians that have been given All Black shirts. It's a bit like my support for England's cricket team: somewhere along the line, without my knowledge, it's mutated into fandom for South Africans.

    I'm still going nowhere fast (or, indeed, slowly!). Might have some work experience at a local mag but will have to see if that's worthwhile or part-time slave labour. Should do some protesting --- I love too far out for the London ones but occupying the living room computer doesn't cut it, somehow...


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