Monday, December 20, 2010

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I've recently got a smartphone and I've managed to torrentify dozens of awesome books including a PDF of E.F.Schumacher's Small Is Beautiful, which I am currently enjoying greatly and sporadically tweeting. Checkit. Boh.

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Addition 10 minutes later:

I've just read a fantastic post on the blog by Brian Czech. One of the reasons this post appealed to me was that it provided a response to an article by George a few weeks back where he discussed the TEEB report and noted that:

"So, much as I’m revolted by the way in which nature is being squeezed into a column of figures in an accountant’s ledger, I am forced to agree that it may be necessary."
This position slightly disturbed me because, as might be clear from this blog, I have considerable intellectual wood for eco-economics. And yet George, whose ideas give me a similar degree of cranial titillation as Herman, finds the underlying concept of Herman's work "revolting". I will ping a link to this article to George, not just because it lays out the conceptual rationale behind eco-economics so well, but because it explicitly condemns trivialisation of ecosystem services and resources by the bean-counters that so offends him.

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