Tuesday, October 19, 2010

has George been reading my blog?


In this CiF article he observes that the ConDem Slashathon is analogous to the Shock Doctrine, an observation that I made a couple of months ago. Of course, its an obvious conclusion for any reasonably objective observer to arrive at so well done that man! I just hope that his analysis (which is unquestionably more insightful and eloquent than my own) reaches as broad an audience as need to hear it for the sake of UK society.

On another 'George is awesome'-related note, your boy has popped another piece up on his own website detailing why reasoned appeals to people's self interest fails utterly as a tactic to convince people to embrace progressive politics.


  1. Is this the same George Monbiot who wrote a piece in 2007 titled 'Bring on the recession'.
    "I hope that the recession now being forecast by some economists materialises", he said, because only a recession could give us "the time we need to prevent runaway climate change".
    A recession would hurt poor people, he acknowledged - but that was a price worth paying to halt out-of-control economic growth.
    In 2008 some Greens Inspired by George started a campaign called 'Riot 4 Austerity'.

  2. Yup, that's the fella.

    The same George who, in 2008, recanted that position and called for a steady-state economy. In the process he referenced Herman Daly's book on the subject and a Sustainable Development Commission report on the subject.


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