Tuesday, September 21, 2010

steady-state economics 101


This excellent summary of SSE describes how it inherently generates equality and sustainability. There's also this wonderful soundbite:

Nature draws no distinction between ideologies, and the world doesn’t fit into our political constructs. Something is either sustainable or it isn’t, and neither capitalism nor socialism is ‘the answer’.

Go and read it!


  1. Innit. Props to Jeremy Williams for being awesome.

  2. Yes, very good stuff. Sounds uncannily close to distributionism and very much like Schumacher’s economics.

  3. Not heard of distributionism before. Could this be the first genuinely benign product of Catholic thinking? Very interesting!

    E.F.Schumacher is awesome!

  4. Sublimus Dei (1537)banning slavery and declaring racial equality – at least spiritually, is the first genuinely benign product of Catholic thinking.

    Fritz is indeed awesome; he became a Catholic largely because of the church’s social teachings. There is a bit more to Catholicism than pedophile priests (it used to be Scoutmasters) and the current gold encrusted corrupt leadership of the church. It all seems to have gone wrong in the 70s – 1870s and 1970s.

  5. I am in awe of your knowledge. I'm also fascinated by the intellectual legacy of religious social ideology. Stripped of the religious woo, the concept of distributism seems to promise almost utopian ideals. Why doesn't this idea appear more in political and social discussions in the mainstream media and even the internets?


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