Monday, August 23, 2010

"the Tories' actual support among the voting age population is likely to be closer to a quarter than a third"


An electoral system that lets such a profoundly inadequate mandate wield control over the entire nation is called a pseudo-democracy. Anyone out there who is still uncertain whether voting should be compulsory or not? Or whether, at the coming referendum, instead of choice between a really undemocratic and unrepresentative system or an almost completely undemocratic and unrepresentative system, we should be given real choices for reform? A referendum where we, the electorate, every single one of us and not just the demagogues that infest Westminster, is called upon to register their position.

When I read things like this post, from which the title quote is taken, and I look and see what the ConDem coalition is doing to the UK, I am so, so glad to be leaving this country. If I had to stay to watch it torn apart, to see the public services and assets sold off, the and the human beings cast aside into the gutter I think it would actually break my heart.


  1. Scrapping ID cards, stopping the fingerprinting of school kids, ending the imprisonment of refugee children, getting praise from Greenpeace and FoE… breaks your heart… fuck me where have you been for the last 13 years!

    Labour would be making the same cuts, the Labour Party is bankrupt (financially as well as morally) are they borrowing more and spending more- no, they are … wait for it making cuts and making people redundant. The Green Party in Ireland is making worse cuts. Oh I get it you’re a denier, not a climate denier, a deficit denier – and just like climate deniers you sweep the internet for links to prove it’s all a conspiracy – climate change is a conspiracy for world government and the deficit is a conspiracy to kill the poor. Enjoy New Zealand.

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  3. fuck off then

    let us know how much more green and left wing New Zealand is.

  4. Why would New Zealand be any more Left Wing? The government's certainly not so full of ideologically driven fucktards. As for Green I can assure you it has much more potential for Greening then the UK does.

    Watch this space for more, cuntard.


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