Friday, July 02, 2010

UK complicity in torture


All you need to know is laid out in this excellent piece of analysis. Via Craig Murray.

"The string of communications that Murray published not only show the British government institutionally deciding that it would accept information collected using torture. But also–at least in that one paragraph–prioritizing the collection of intelligence, per se, over the collection of reliable intelligence and placing that, but not protecting the country, in moral counterweight to torture."


  1. Well, we've known for a long time that they are all bunch of devious, sadistic, empirialist, scumbags. Hey, remember Dr. Glen Rangwala was the first to point out in The Independent the dodgy dossier Blair & Co. used to scare us?

  2. Muhamad, you are too kind to these people. They don't deserve such restraint. They're just cunts. Devious, sadistic, imperialist scumbag cunts.

    I really hope Craig's persistence pays off. I would give my right spud to see Blair,Campbell, Straw et al. led from the dock in the International Criminal Court to start multiple, consecutive life sentences each.

  3. I hope so; in our life time would be good.


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