Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the new UK government is full of cunts


The coalition are conducting a brazen, insane Slashathon, using their dubious mandate to conduct an ideology-driven assault on many valuable government resources. So far we have seen the Sustainable Development Commission and the UK Film Council terminated, as well as more than a dozen others, in the name of "efficiency". There is no rationale behind these moves. The SDC was responsible for driving cuts worth tens of millions of pounds and it cost a paltry £3 million per annum to run. George claims they had identified further potential savings worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

A second ideological front has been opened up upon road safety, as detailed by George. Basically, funding for fixed traffic cameras is being pulled, despite their effectiveness at reducing deaths on the roads. The consequences are that the police must either shoulder the burden of catching and prosecuting speeding drivers at inordinate extra cost, or road casualties will rise dramatically. Just in case that argument sounds too absurd to believe lets just present it again:

Instead of funding fixed speed cameras to the tune of ~£10 million p.a. (net) the Tories want people to die on the roads or for the police to spend time chasing speeding motorists for ten times the cost instead of doing work that actually requires their extensive skills and training.

Did I mention the coalition's plans to slash the numbers of police?

In other news the coalition government has cut the funding for renewable generation technology. As Jonathon Porritt writes: "The greenest government ever? Don't make me laugh".

These people are demonstrably insane. As I've been pointing out for some time now.


  1. right you are comrade. this new government is full of cunts. they are not in power for the everyday man bot only for themselves. let them work in arrears like we have to. if we do a shit job we dont get paid. how about they work like that instead of this namby fuckin pamby expenses account funded shambles we've got for our so called fuckwits of a goverment.

  2. They are cunts... thieving bastards only looking after themselves.
    source: reuters

    1. Gordon Brown is the biggest thieving cunt in history

    2. Gordon Brown is the biggest thieving cunt in history

  3. Fuck off Tony Blair you total cunt

  4. Fuck off Tony Blair you total cunt


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