Friday, June 04, 2010

the first blatantly corporatist decision from the Tories


Here's the politician's perspective.
"The wider growing and selling of genetically modified crops has received its strongest government backing to date from the new environment secretary, Caroline Spelman."

"Spelman . . . spent 15 years in the agriculture industry and worked as director of a biotechnology lobbying firm."

And here's the scientist's:

"Professor Brian Wynne, . . . an academic specialist on public engagement with science, said in a letter to the group that the planned consultation [on licensing GM in the UK] was biased in favour of the technology and was little more than propaganda for the industry."

To be fair to Spelman she did also say that "The Food Standards Agency should not be spending taxpayers' money promoting GM foods" but after her initial comment that's kind of like saying that the UK really, really needs new nuclear power and this government is all for it but it won't pay for the electricity companies' adverts on TV.

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