Thursday, May 06, 2010

I feel violated


Because I ended up voting for the party I've spent the last three and a half years railing against. I am a member of the Green Party but they stood no chance in my constituency. Of the three main parties I naturally consider the Liberal Democrats to be the least worst option. However, they came third last time around (when it was two separate constituencies) with 28% of the vote whereas the Tories had 30% and Labour won with 33%. With Labour's plummeting popularity and the Tories' rise you might think it would be a competition between the Tories and Lib Dems but Plymouth has a considerable marine industrial heritage associated with Devonport Dockyard. Two different tactical voting guides have suggested voting Labour to secure the seat and ensure a hung parliament, so what was I to do? As final confirmation of my destiny to be an utter political hypocrite, I checked the William Hill website this morning to see what odds they were offering. The Tories were favourites with Labour a close second and the Lib Dems adrift.

In desparation not to see my home town fall to the Tories and well aware that, because the electorate are fucking stupid, they still stood a chance of gaining a parliamentary majority I did the only thing available to me to try and deny them. Out of a choice between Labour and the Tories I would rather lose a thumb than a leg. I'm sorry. In my defence I have argued consistently over the years for electoral reform and under the current system I was left with no choice but to do anything I could to avoid the supremely sociopathic.

Once again, I really am sorry, and this time I address my apologies specifically to the citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gaza, to the all victims of extraordinary rendition, to the occupants of all of the low-lying countries who will see their homes disappearing beneath the sea in the coming years, to all the non-Tory taxpayers in the country for the squandering of their legacy on the instutionally corrupt banking industry, to the friends and family of Dr David Kelly, to all the victims that Justin mentions in this post and to the many, many others around the globe that has been fucked sideways by New Labour over the years.


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  2. Same here. I'd have voted for the Greens but had to cast it for the LibDems. Still, the bastard tories won in south hams.


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