Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gordon Brown's "bigoted" comment to pensioner


I haven't got a problem with politicians, even the Prime Minister, calling people bigoted. I have got a problem if they do so and then haven't got the stones to stand up for their opinion and argue it openly. I couldn't think of more of a stereotype of bigotry than a Rochdale pensioner. If Brown held a press conference and related the details of his conversation with this woman and why he considered her bigoted- and I agreed with him- I would actually consider voting Labour.

Then, two seconds later, I would punch myself in the head repeatedly, whilst shouting "Iraq! Trident! The banks! Climate change! . . . "

Addition 02-05-10:

I love it when someone comes along and provides evidence to confirm my intial judgements: Gillian Duffy is a bigot.


    Yasmin Alibhai Brown, Philip Pullman, Richard Dawkins, and George Monbiot,all voting Lib Dem - even before he said that..

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  3. I'm in a quandry, my anonymous friend. On principle I want to vote Green. For the good of my uborn child I want to vote Lib Dem.

    What to do . . .. ? (!)

  4. Oh the joys of parenthood.
    You have to make decisions, and they may not necessarily be based on science, but emotions.
    I think I may have pointed this out to you before.
    But since you are "out of here" what the hell?


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