Friday, February 12, 2010

Sarah Goldsmith part 2


Since my first post about her Sarah has withdrawn as Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Torbay and left the party. I can only say that I am relieved as I felt she was an entirely inappropriate candidate with the potential greatly exaggerate the negative stereotype associated with green politics and the Green Party. Sarah has, however, deigned to reply (somewhat bitterly) to my question on the PRSD website and I have replied as magnanimously as I can. The amount of attention my post highlighting the ludicrous nature of her claims to mystik powers has garnered has quite shocked me and I feel not a little responsible for her withdrawal. However I do not regret my actions inthe slightest. Better that her batshit tendencies are exposed locally before some grey party opponent in Brighton- where the first ever Green Member of Parliament might be elected in May- siezes upon such daming material to paint the GP back into its sandal-sporting and hair-shirt-wearing corner. The potential for the GP to wield some small amount of power in Westminster is very much more valuable to the future of society than any single candidates' ego.

I would like to offer to Sarah the opportunity to defend her candidacy upon these pages and possibly some of the claims and statements on her various websites. I recognise that she is under no obligation to do so but I feel some sort of evidence-based discussion, without my usual level of profanity, may help her understand why I reacted with such hostility to her candidacy.


  1. Please don't fret my anonymous friend, the decision had been taken long before your ill-informed rant on this site came to my attention.

    I deigned to reply? Ooh your majesty... and here was me thinking I just 'replied'. Ah well....

    Anyway, If you had bothered to do ANY research whatsoever, you would have discovered that I was not the PPC, but was the person who DEMANDED the democratic right to stand as PPC for Torbay, and offered my services, to kick-start the process.

    I also instigated a thorough clean-up of the internal affairs of the South Devon Green Party.

    Or that was the plan.

    The bullying and in-fighting and un-constitutionl behaviours I had challenged internally within the Party (and my reason for quitting previously, in 2008) were to be presented as a dossier of evidence to the Disputes Resolution team at National Office. So, they held a kangaroo court, (on a SUNDAY), the day BEFORE I was due to present the evidence, and said my membership had not been accepted. This is utter nonsense, and there is a raft of evidence to disprove that. However, I am no longer a member.

    But I did win the right to democratic CHOICE for Torbay though, as was my original intention and there will now be a vote of GP constituents on who that candidate will be.

    If anyone wishes to know anything, I am an open book. I have no secrets, do not practice fluff and woo and am not accustomed to being referred to as a 'fuckwit' was it..? and a cuntard! How charming you are. Although I am interested in learning how to make that tin hat you imagine me in. I'm just a helpless girlie, interested in fashion, you know. May I borow your pattern please...?


  2. cont'd...

    Witchcraft is a Craft. There's a clue in the name if you're really clever...

    I am NOT into this nouveau wiccan bollox and if you had done ONE IOTA of research on me, rather than rely on gutter journalism, you would have discovered that, quite categorically stated, on my own website.

    I make no claims to be 'other' or have 'special powers' or any of the other bollox you have written about me.

    Quite the opposite.

    I maintain the traditions of herbal medicine, and promote their use and understanding to the population at large. It is a green ethic and in keeping with my disgust that the health of the entire world is played out as a sick game of russion-roulette by the Pharmaco's choosing who lives and who dies, who is well and who is not, according to postcode or bank balance. This is abhorrent and if you have a problem with someone drip-feeding the public consciousness with information about the botanical medicinal properties of indigenous flora, then I'm afraid that in no way reflects badly upon me.

    The use of, and search for, drugs and dietary supplements derived from plants has accelerated in recent years. Pharmacologists, microbiologists, botanists, and natural-products chemists are combing the Earth for phytochemicals and leads that could be developed for treatment of various diseases:

    * Traditional WitchCrafting
    * The herbal medicine system based on Greek and Roman sources
    * The Siddha and Ayurvedic medicine systems from various South Asian Countries
    * Chinese herbal medicine
    * Unani-Tibb medicine
    * Shamanic herbalism

    According to the World Health Organization, approximately 25% of modern drugs have been derived from plants.

    Among the 120 active compounds currently isolated from the higher plants and widely used in modern medicine today, 80 percent show a positive correlation between their modern therapeutic use and the Traditional use of the plants from which they are derived.

    More than two thirds of the world's plant species - at least 35,000 of which are estimated to have medicinal value - come from the developing countries.

    In future, I am more than prepared to hold discourse with you. I will not, however, be subject to ignorant (I read what one of your anon contributors wrote about that) defamation.

    If you don't know what a witch is, ask one. Ask me. But whatever you do, do NOT confuse me with wicca. Because on THAT subject I imagine I can come up with some far more vitrioloc language than you!!!

    Please read a few lines of my website. They may enlighten, even educate you. There is info 'about tfw' and 'faqs'.

    You have flown off the handle in the way most people who are uneducated on the subject do, to which my FAQs will attest. However, I do recognise that few people understand what Traditional Craft is.

    Maybe, in future, rather than letting rip with a tirade of abuse, if those selfsame ill-informed people take time to educate themselves on the subject, rather than behaving like a tabliod reviewer of a bad b-movie, they may learn a little. I have read and understood your arrogance. Maybe you will have the decency to read mine!

    And, to expand upon on the arrogance of your stance; Do you imagine a knowledge of 'olde ways' that you so dislike, and medicinal history is ALL there is to me? That is not my job, you know. Not my carreer!

    Business; management; IT; running a Home Office Class A drugs pilot; a Prolific Offender pilot involving probation, police, courts, prison service, NHS and service users; creating three magistrate court witness schemes and owning a production company plus bringing up two children on my own have kept me a tad busy for the past 30 years!!!

    Better keep someone like me off the political stage. Oh woudln't you have been proud.

    Oh and BTW, just in case you are interested - I prefer blahnik and gucci to sandals, dahling ;)

  3. Now after MY rant - a correction.


    I said "...DEMANDED the democratic right to stand as PPC for Torbay" which should read "...DEMANDED the democratic right to stand A PPC for Torbay"

  4. An article in the Exeter Express and Echo is helpful in understanding events. The article claims Sarah Goldsmith resigned from the party in May 2008, having been selected as PPC for Torbay earlier. She rejoined the party in January and received her membership pack, latter the Green Party chief executive David Murray contacted her to say her membership had been refused under the urgent procedures process.
    She claims in the article, she has been ousted because she has criticised the administration of the South Devon Green Party, so as far as she is concerned it is her party comrades who are responsible. The second comment on this PRSD article also backs this up.
    So I don’t think you were responsible for her withdrawal in anyway, what so ever.

  5. She was the only one with enough ball to stand up to the dartington mafia. its all disinformation and focusing on the wrong things. she was good. we lost the best chance we had now because she got stabbed in the back. you helped that.

  6. ..rather not say13 February, 2010 17:58

    I take back all I said. If Saah has the cojones to speak up for herself and her ethics like she does, I'd vote for her. Go Sarah.
    She won't take shit from the grey politicians. You might not like what she says or what she does but she isnt scared to speak up for what is right and I dont remember when I last heard a politician do that!

  7. I live in Paignton13 February, 2010 18:23

    I have had the privelege of meeting Sarah on many occasions in the past 4 years. Think of a love-child of Jeremy Paxman and Anne Robinson but growing up with Stephen Hawking.

    She questions everything, and she has a very quick harsh humour. People love her or hate her, but not many hate her. People are always laughing around her and she is usually the natural centre of attraction . I like to think if her as a friend, and You said you thought she was charismatic and you are right she is.

    Torbay was winnable because Sarah had done the campaigning and made a very good name for herself all over. only this fuss over the witch thing has caused this trouble. It's just her new business USP. There's not a scary thing about her unless you are dodgy then she'll eat you for breakfast and spit out the bones.
    This emphasis on the witch thing in the media is part of a huge smear campaign. She would have been great forTorbay and people were queueing up to fund her deposit and campaign if she stood as PPC. No wonder people like you and the libdems and Lydia Summerville were scared of her.

    That's all lost now because she wouldn't sit back and keep quiet about South Devon's unconstitutional behaviour and bullying.

    It's only a small group of people who had it in for her but they voted themselves into the positions of making the decisions in SDGP. Sarah dared to say no to them so they got her out. I am disgusted that the CEO of National Party joined in with what sh calls a 'kangaroo court' though. I expected better from my party.

    I know there have been a lot of resignations from ordinary members over her treatment. I am considering leavingas well. South Devon WAS the biggest G.P in the U.K but maybe it won't be for long now.

  8. "I take back all I said"

    Since the above comment is not from me, how can we tell what is being taken back?

  9. "She questions everything,"

    No she obviously does not! Otherwise she wouldn't be spouting such cockwibble.

  10. I live in Paignton13 February, 2010 18:47

    @rather not say - did you read what SHE said at the top of this page or are you relying on your own prejudice again? If you look closely you will notice that there is someone with a similar login to yours only they start with ..

    You bigots realy are mouthy idiots

  11. I have never come across a site like this before. Are you all mad here? Why are you shredding a decent, intelligent person willing to do the democratic thing at any cost? The language and hatred and IGNORANCE I have found today leave me speechless. Jeez, this is the first politician who does the right thing. What if she was the only one to do the right thing. At the G.E. we will get the wrong people in, BNP, UKIP, NeoCons, and it will be because of dickheads like you lot. I can't believe what I am reading. Sarah if you read this good on you. You seem like one in a million. Your loss is our loss. At the electon I will mourn your loss because it will be one fewer Green MP and the world needs people like you.

  12. you haters should join the BNP you'd fit in perfectly.

  13. @ Paignton,
    Yes I did read it and her various websites. I am not doubting her ability as a children’s entertainer, merely her credentials to engage in grown-up politics.
    Suggest you and your whackjob friends stick to Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings!

    @ Erod
    The BNP are far too left wing for me.

  14. 2rather not say, once an ignorant wanker always an ignorant wanker. You don't disappoint!

  15. So glad to be of service. BTW have you read your Horrorscope for tomorrow? I wouldn't go out if I were you. Fucktard!
    Go play with your spells, potions, voodoo dolls and pins, séances, and ouija board.

  16. Top work my sweary punk-spirited friend. A victory for reason over mumbo-jumbo.

    Long may we point a finger at the crystal-stroking, anti-scientific, homeopathic remedy taking loons. The Green Party needs to be electable to do any good. It's more electable today.

    And for my next trick, I will vaccinate all their children. The cunting cuntards.

  17. There's a vaccine for that shit?
    Fuck my old boots, I didn't know that!

  18. A few choice comments here. I am loving it! This stands out:

    >"She questions everything,"
    >No she obviously does not! Otherwise she wouldn't be spouting such cockwibble.

    Plus the last two wonderful comments.

    This subject deserves something more so I will try and compose a longer post. I'm keen to learn more about South Devon Green Party's conduct inthis case as it sounds as if Sarah was fighting a determined action to be accepted in the first place. The intentions behind this resistance could have been well-meaning or anti-democratic. I would like to thank Sarah for commenting here and welcome any further information on her experience as a member of SDGP.

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  20. If the cap fits...

    Duff - Anything that is duff is useless, junk, trash. It usually means that the object doesn't do the job it was intended for.

  21. Totnes Mafia victim16 February, 2010 18:25

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  22. Don't post other people's personal information on my blog, you appalling cunt. I won't tolerate bullying.

  23. Totnes Mafia victim17 February, 2010 13:10

    I thught it was fair game because you posted personal information about Sarah Goldsmith on your site. Please remove that too, or is bullying OK when YOU do it?

  24. I think you'll find the only stuff I have posted is in quotations lifted from her own website. You twat.

  25. I think you'll find you posted the url to her private and personal website, YOU (bullying) twat!

  26. How can a website publically proclaiming details of your own life be "private and personal"? You stupid, stupid, stupid person. And I didn't link to it, another commenter provided that link. I'm sure people here will agree with me that posting a link to someone's website is very different to posting someone's private email address and telephone number, as Totnes Mafia victim did in the post I deleted above.

  27. That explains it perfectly. YOU decide who will bully. Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

  28. Anon
    Have you put that comment on the correct post, only it doesn't make any sense in relation the previous comment.

  29. @Anon 16:22, It kind of does make sense, if you are a retard who can't differentiate between an appeal for public support and a statement of fact.


  30. I don't belive in any supernatural hippy crap, but this looks like bullying.
    Green Party member

  31. How does it "look like bullying"? I'll make you a deal : you define "bullying" for me and I'll define "freedom of speech" and "fair comment" for you.

  32. Totnes Mafia victim01 March, 2010 13:46

    YOU said "Don't post other people's personal information on my blog, you appalling cunt. I won't tolerate bullying", so YOU define it!


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