Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fat people deserve ridicule


What this guy says:

"there is a fundamental difference between homophobic and racist remarks and 'fatist' ones. With very, very few exceptions people are fat because of the lifestyle decisions they have made. It is this obvious and undisguisable manifestation of those decisions which is derided."
I'd like to add that, in a world that continues to produce more than enough food to feed everyone on the planet, and yet in which one person dies as a direct or indirect result of hunger every second, eating more than is healthy for you is utterly abhorrent. I'm not suggesting that fat people actively steal food from the mouths of the malnourished, but if you asked me if I wanted to vote for the aboliton of agricultural subsidies in the UK and EU, despite the effect upon already massively inflated food prices, I wouldn't hesitate to do so. If you asked a fatty the same question I doubt they'd be so keen despite the overwhelming moral case in favour. The morality of this argument is indistinguishable from that of climate change deniers: both want to maintain their current, unsustainable and morally indefensible lifestyle at others' expense.


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  2. Have you anything to say on the type of "food" people eat, rather than quantity, and the way that modern living designs exercise out of our daily lives?

  3. The quotation reads: "With very, very few exceptions people are fat because of the lifestyle decisions they have made."

    The term "lifestyle" encompasses choices as to the quality and quantity of food eaten as well as the amount of exercise undertaken both voluntarily and of necessity. Such factors are part and parcel of the obesity problem.

  4. Yes, but your addition seems to focus on "eating more than is healthy for you..". My comment reads "Have you anything to say on.....?"

  5. SOrry, Weggis, you have a good point and I failed to rise to the challenge. I have been working hard today and started drafting a targeted response but then deleted the draft and posted the above response as I didn't have time to do the matter justice. I will try and do a better job on the weekend.

  6. Weggis, my apologies again but I've been caught up in the Sarah Goldsmith storm. I haven't forgotten you though.

  7. No problem, take your time. I'd kinda like to know what's going on down there meself. Has someone been tampering with the water supply?

  8. "If you asked a fatty the same question I doubt they'd be so keen"

    Straw man.

    But I doubt most thin people would give too much of a shit either. I normally see eye to eye with you, but framing this issue in such one dimensional terms, which I think is what weggis is hinting, doesn't even come close to addressing the problems of extreme poverty and food supply. Specifically targeting the overweight and in such reactionary and abusive terms flattens any moral high ground you're trying to build in your argument. In fact, you sound more like a lazy moralising Daily Mail comment writer who chooses those who they see as weak or aberrant as easy targets for ridicule.

    Sorry man.

  9. Don't apologise for your opinion mate. This is a very sensitive issue and I need to do it justice. Having said that, I'm dodging it again for tonight. I've only just finished screwing around with javascript for some image analysis I've been working on and I'm beat!



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