Monday, January 04, 2010

supergrids brought to life


It looks as if one of the technologies that is repeatedly plugged here on punkscience as being essential to sustainable electricity generation will become reality. Predictably this announcement only heralds the beginning of discussions between the nations of the North Sea, where the grid will be tested before being linked to the rest of Europe, and not any actual plans- let alone a date when ground will be broken. There are links to the Desertec initiative there too and the obvious observation that much of the European distribution network is not fit for purpose. Anyway, its progress so woo!

On the other hand, a report published yesterday has further rubbished the Labour government's claims of a green job boom. I've blogged about this previously. and, though I say it myself, I thought I made a pretty good point, i.e.: That the UK government is shit. It seems that no matter how many meetings cabinet members have with directors of companies looking to invest in renewable technology in this country they still end up plugging nuclear as being the only horse in the race to supply electricity.
"A spokesman for Mandelson's department of business, innovation and skills, said it was "unfair" to judge the wider low carbon industry on the back of the London Array, which is only one project.

"British companies are successfully competing for work on schemes around the world such as the Masdar city project in Abu Dhabi," the spokesman said. "The government has unveiled a range of new initiatives, such as support for the Dalton Nuclear Institute in Manchester and the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Rotherham."
(my bold)
Honestly, you'd think Gordon Brown's family ran the nuclear industry or . . . . wait . . . hang on a sec!

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