Wednesday, December 23, 2009

who wrecked Copenhagen?


Two different perspectives as to who made the Copenhagen accord even more uselessly wishy-washy and fluffy than any reasonably skeptical observer would have imagined. Lynas' opinion is particularly revealing for the petty offense exhibited by the Chinese delegation.


  1. Lynas’s point that leftish campaigners and commentators never criticize developing countries, rings true. The Green Party’s Peter Tatchell was the exception that proved the rule. No wonder Respect Party members attacked him so viciously; and yet the Greens now have an electoral pact with Respect.

  2. It is impossible to understate the importance of this issue for the future of civilisation. How we in the developing world reconcile the ongoing imperialism of our rulers with the absolute necessity to construct egalitarian working relationships with the governments of developing countries. The obvious necessity is to get rid of the elites which perpetuate the imperialism.

    Ominously, the economic and technological restructuring required to enable any meaningful attempt to attenuate and remediate climate change is as challenging to human civilisation as the socio-political restructuring that- in the absence of some Green-Socialist revolution- is its essential prerequisite.

    That may sound absurdly pretentious and dogmatic but it is absolutely true. The plutocracy is profoundly averse to any significant sea-change in the political system. Without that the necessary technology will never be given the support it requires under the current fuckyounomic paradigm to develop, let alone to be rolled out on a global scale.

  3. Copenhagen was fucked before it started. I only wish that it had fucked up spectacularly with huffy walkouts instead of the resultant meaningless fluff for which they can claim some empty credibility.

  4. Green-Socialist revolution- is its essential prerequisite! So the Green Party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the political hard left.

    Why have you got the Green New Deal (edited by the NEF's David Boyle a member of the Lib Dems' Fed Policy Committee) on this blog - almost identical to the Green Road to Recovery (Lib Dem policy).

    Sorry I pity the Green Party members who wrote sycophantic letters to Socialist Worker, apologising for being middle class.

    The Transition movement offers us the best hope, in the time we have left.

  5. To my anonymous friend: I've posted a reply on the main blog as it was too big for comments.

    RB: I thought that too but then felt guilty for the misanthropy and because stranger things have happened. All the finger pointing isn't going to stop any time soon. We'll just have to wait for the evidence to grow even stronger and by then it'll be too late. Ho hum, I'm emigrating to NZ in September so I'll be well out of the way by the time things really go to shit. The only real challenge is to get my nearest and dearest to come with me.


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