Saturday, December 19, 2009

humans are not rational . . .


". . . and we should recognise that fact and maybe try to use that fact to work out ways of communicating and convincing people because this is real. This is the most serious threat we have ever faced in all of history."

This video is incredible and there are several more fantastic quotes in there. Eg:

"Imagine you read in the newspaper tomorrow that we find out that all the excess CO2 in the world was being released by Al Qaeda. Think about that. Would we react? Of course we would. We would spend any amount of money to fight that. We would spend a trillion dollars (which we just did)."

"We need to support global family planning. There's too many people on earth right now. This is typically a taboo subject in climate change but its going to be controlled one way or another and I just think we should do it the humane way."
I'm also struck, as I imagine most sentient observers would be, by the irony of having a Chevron add at the beginning. Such observers may also be struck by my positive opinion of a film which contains a sweeping endorsement of geoengineering; a topic I have previously condemned as "fucking stupid". However, Miller's endorsement is nuanced and heavily conditional upon being part of a multi-fronted strategy to simultaneously slash emissions and address social inequality.

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