Tuesday, November 17, 2009

peak oil


"Wyn Evans, who runs a mixed farm of 170 acres, has been trying to reduce his dependency on fossil fuels since 1977. He has installed an anaerobic digester, a wind turbine, solar panels and a ground-sourced heat pump. He has sought wherever possible to replace diesel with his own electricity. Instead of using his tractor to spread slurry, he pumps it from the digester on to nearby fields. He's replaced his tractor-driven irrigation system with an electric one, and set up a new system for drying hay indoors, which means he has to turn it in the field only once. Whatever else he does is likely to produce smaller savings. But these innovations have reduced his use of diesel by only around 25%."
We are all fucked.

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  1. Oh no it isn't!

    "I told him at the time that even with nil expertise I still doubted his forecasts because there were still 'zillions' of gallons of oil yet to be discovered and which were simply awaiting a rise in price to make them worthwhile."

    Duffnut yesterday.

    I think it may be Cerebral Deficit Disorder? ie his brains have fallen out.


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