Sunday, November 22, 2009

massive donkey dicks in Mandleson's ear


Interweb freedom in the UK is facing the direst threat in its short history. That threat is called Peter Mandelson. Faced with the prospect of almost certain disempowerment in the coming election, this disgusting little gobshite is making sure he has friends in high (rich) places by selling out our digital liberty to the big entertainment companies by adding last-minute amendments to the already insanely tyrannical digital economy bill that will empower any future Secretary of State with the ability to enact legislation without debate or scrutiny. These new powers and those already set out are detailed by Cory Doctorow in the first and third links, respectively. Certain consequences of this legislation are described in the second link by Charles Arthur of The Guardian. May I suggest that you follow the links on BoingBoing to add your name to a petition to be sent to the High Cockweasel. Please also consider writing to your MP to implore them to support Early Day Motion 1997, introduced by Tom Watson MP, which explicitly condemns plans to disconnect internet users convicted of file sharing or other illegal activity.


  1. Thanks for hammering away at this, it's pretty disturbing stuff.

    In other news, the beautiful title of this entry qualifies you perfectly for the meme I've just tagged you with! Will you rise to the challenge...?


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  3. Hi Danny, thanks for the tag. I am going to have fun with this one. I turned up these gems:

    "essence of manliness"
    "the uk government is shit"
    "the hydrogen economy sucks goat cock"
    "mandelson donkey dicks"

  4. To add to the list we have:

    "Hazel Blears fraudulent cunt"
    "Angela Merkel is a flaccid phallus"
    "bjorn lomborg climate change denying moron"
    "sir david king delusional nuclear cunt fetish" (particularly proud of that one)
    "David Cameron pseudo green bullshit"

  5. Not sure how I put "essence of manliness" up there. I'm sure it came up when I searched for it it but when I attempt to repreat this substantial feat I fail. Boo.

    In substitution I can claim to be #7 in Google UK's results for "donkey dicks" and a glorious #4 for "goat cock"!!!!

    {sheds tear of pride}

  6. Now hang on a sec! I'm back up there at #1 again!


  7. Try googling "Kiz Myez"


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