Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baronness Buscombe is a knobjill


She proposes having bloggers regulated by the world's most useless self-regulatory body: The Press Complaints Commission. Read the letter of objection penned by Unity over at Liberal Conspiracy. And sign it.

I commented and signed. The support from bloggers across the intellectual and political spectrum is impressive.

Footnote: The term "knobjill" is a compounding of the colloquial term for a phallus and the term for a female weasel. Hence, 'a phallus of a female weasel'.


  1. She should have more re-cocking-spect for the adult populace.

    Mind you, I'd like to see her get the swearing cleaned up a bit. It's a sign of a small vocabulary.

    Then I thought: Shitballs!!! The horse's maggotty twat will never manage that.

  2. Ahahahaaaaa ! ! !

    Love your work. Love. It.

    Gypping cock batter.

  3. She'd, wouldn't she? Tory bitch!


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