Friday, October 16, 2009

positivity neurosis


I am more than a little alarmed at the state of the nation. The new Kingsnorth coal plant got cancelled, the third runway at Heathrow is dead, two High Court judges have ordered the release of a seven-page summary of the circumstances surrounding MI5's role in Binyam Mohamed's torture and Trafigura got royally fucked (via ChickYog) by the nu media, thanks to a valiant blogging and twittering campaign. This many victories on the sanity-based policy front is more than a little alarming. I suppose the gods of universal justice are squeezing any extraneous goodness out system in preparation for five years of Tory government.


  1. Yeah, just before the Tory bastards come.

  2. And now TB's attempt to be el Presidente have foundered.

  3. My grateful thanks to all the Dark Gods to whom I offered my eternal soul in return for ensuring Blair didn't become president. That he was even considered for one moment as a suitable candidate does more to damn the integrity of the people trying to push through the EU constitution than any of the other dozens of damning reasons to reject it.


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