Wednesday, September 02, 2009

these people are scum


Doctors and psychologists actively participated in CIA waterboarding sessions, monitoring the torture victims' health and physiology and taking notes that could be used to improve the technique. These people have broken the hippocratic oath and should be barred from practising. They should then be prosecuted under the Nuremberg Code and Geneva Conventions for war crimes. As should the UK and US cabinets responsible for the supreme crime of initiating wars of aggression.

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  1. A useful punishment might be requiring them to work for the state as doctors in public hospitals. Full time and for a regular public health salary. For the rest of their career. No private work on the side, just medicare etc patients.

    You're right as well, any doctor that could do that sort of thing is a grade A cunt. And I'd gladly punch their lights out.

    Beware, these people walk amongst us.


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