Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Andrew Brown is a climate change denying fucktard



My reply to his idiocy:

"if catastrophic global warming is to be averted people need to act now to avert terrible things which will otherwise happen after their deaths"

This is absolute rubbish. Terrible things have been happening as a result of climate change for decades. 95% of the coral in the Caribbean was killed off in the El Nino of 1998! Only an ignoramus could pen such a sentence.

You can go as far back into history as you like to find examples of humanities idiocy when it comes to abusing the ecosystems they inhabit. The Dust Bowls of Canada and the USA in the '30s are a perfect example.

If people like Andrew Brown continue to be allowed platforms from which to broadcast such absurd statements then the climate change debate is going to continue to be dominated by ignorance and bigotry as people struggle to ascertain the facts in the face of mass media propaganda. The first war in the battle to save our civilisation is being fought in the media. I truly hope George Monbiot serves Brown a deservedly fact-laden kicking in return.


  1. Or there's the mid-late Bronze Age desertion of the uplands and resulting 'internal refugee' problem from the Balkans to Ireland caused by the stripping of vegetation for intensive(ish) farming, the depletion of minerals and erosion of topsoil following increased rainfall and the eventual impossibility of any fort of farming as sphagnum moss spreads to form blanket bogs. Okay, it's not humans as the agents of climate change but humans as the avoidable victims of it...

  2. Thanks for the info. I have to say I view mankinds' activities and their effects upon the climate as very much cause & effect so I think human's are the agents of climate change. Casting us as victims of some higher power implies we are helpless in the face of it, which we clearly aren't.


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