Wednesday, August 05, 2009

the UK government is not, quite, a complete and utter sack of useless shite


Thirty years after the French showed how it should be done, the UK government has finally paid lipservice to the supremacy of high speed rail over short-haul flights in the national and global interest. Now we just have to wait another thirty years to see these words turned into action. Useless cints.


And, unsurprisingly, the backlash from the airline industry is led by none other than the High Chief Sociopathic Wanker himself: Michael O'Leary, who brands Lord Adonis's proposals "insane". I can't be arsed to address the frothing hypocrisy of this moron's denunciation except to observe that airlines, unlike rail operators, don't pay tax on the enormous quantities of fuel their little rocket ships burn.


  1. Yeah, laughable. New Labour's got no credibility with me. Despite my reservations, in the locals I've voted for the Greens.

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  3. Not sure why you bother Duff.


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